Exam Guidelines

The following are abbreviated details to prepare for and take ABCC online proctored exams in Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Diagnostics, and Toxicological Chemistry. ABCC uses the Kryterion online proctored exam service to administer ABCC exams. A free to create Kryterion account that is separate from ABCC is required to register and take any ABCC exam.  Please use the same email used during application when logging into or creating a new Kryterion account. Use the “Forgot Password” link in the upper left to retrieve forgotten account information.

ABCC AND ADLM NOTE: Please note that certain administrative services are supported by ADLM (formerly AACC). However, ABCC and ADLM are separate organizations. For questions regarding the ABCC online proctored exam process, please contact ABCC administrators.



ABCC oversees board certification in three specialty areas. Each specialty has their respective exam(s) required to become an ABCC diplomate. Exams are currently only offered as online proctored exams that may be taken from any location that meets testing requirements using the test takers computer or laptop that also meets testing requirements.

ABCC exams are a series of multiple-choice questions. Each question will have five answer choices that include a single correct answer. During the exam, an online proctor will be assigned to the test taker to observe the test taker’s monitor (via Sentinel Secure software) and video (via webcam).

ABCC exams are timed with no breaks. Test takers may skip and return to unanswered test questions within the exam time. Any unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. ABCC highly encourages test takers to answer all questions and leave no answer unanswered.

  • Clinical Chemistry Part A               Calculations & Problem Solving                               30 questions       3 hours
  • Clinical Chemistry Part B               Analytical & Clinical Issues                                       140 questions     3.5 hours
  • Molecular Diagnostics                   Recall and Applied Skills                                           120 questions     3 hours
  • Toxicology Part A                           Calculations & Problem Solving                               30 questions       3 hours
  • Toxicology Part B                           Analytical, Toxicological, & TDM Issues                   130 questions     3 hours

Details on the content areas within each exam can be found on the respective “Certifications” pages of the ABCC main website. https://abclinchem.org/certifications.


Please review the entire Kryterion online proctoring information pages. https://kryterion.my.site.com/support/s/topic/0TO1W000000I5h3WAC/online-proctoring.

Technical Requirements

  • Administrator access and reliable internet on your device is crucial. Certain steps in security software installation, webcam access, and/or firewall settings may require Administrator access on the computer/laptop you are using. Confirm that you have full access to the computer/laptop you will use during the exam. ABCC recommends that you use a personal computer and network.
  • Single monitor. Test takers are permitted a single monitor during the exam. Disconnect any additional/secondary monitors prior to the exam.
  • Webcam required. A webcam is used for the online proctor to view the test taker during the exam. ABCC allows an internal webcam or freestanding external camera.
  • Keyboard required. An English (QWERTY) keyboard is required to take the exam.
  • INSTALL Respondus Secure Browser. The Respondus secure browser is the required browser to launch and take an ABCC online proctored exam using the Kryterion platform.  Details on installing (and uninstalling afterward) are on the Kryterion online proctoring information page. A common installation issue is pop-up blockers. Please disable any pop-up blockers for installation.
  • INSTALL Sentinel Software. Sentinel Secure software allows the online proctor to monitor your computer and view the camera stream. Details on installing (and uninstalling afterward) are on the Kryterion online proctoring information page. A common installation issue is pop-up blockers. Please disable any pop-up blockers for installation.

Testing Environment

  • Testing environment must be well lit, unobstructed, and free of distraction. ABCC online proctored exams may be taken from the comfort of home or convenience of workplace. However, it is essential that the testing environment is appropriate for test taking. Any environmental noise (e.g., music, conversation, background sound, reading exam aloud), clutter (e.g., books, materials in area), or distraction (e.g., other individuals, person traffic) may result in an ALERT by the online proctor. Multiple and/or repeated alerts may result in the suspension or early termination of the exam.
  • Remove cell phones from the testing area. Cell phones are NOT permitted at any time during the exam. Please silence and remove any cell phones from the testing area.
  • Test takers must remain visible onscreen. Test takers are NOT permitted to leave the view of the online proctor during the exam. Any viewing obstruction or movement away from the camera may result in an ALERT by the online proctor.

Testing Aids

  • Onscreen calculator and periodic table. The Kryterion platform includes an onscreen scientific calculator and periodic table that may be used or minimized.
  • Nonprogrammable calculator. Test takers are permitted to also use their own nonprogrammable scientific calculator that will be verified by the online proctor. An example of a non-programmable calculator is the TI-30Xa
  • Physical Whiteboard. During the exam you are permitted use of a whiteboard for scratch work. Test takers are permitted the use of 1 erasable whiteboard no larger than 12” x 20”, no more than 4 dry erase markers, and 1 whiteboard eraser . The whiteboard will be verified by the online proctor before and after the exam. Test takers are required to show evidence to the online proctor that the board is cleared at the beginning and end of the exam. Any evidence of a test taker documenting exam questions using the whiteboard may result in automatic failure of the exam. A physical whiteboard is not required to take the exam; however, a physical whiteboard is required if the test taker would like to use for scratch work. Please note paper will not be allowed for scratch work for the exam. It is the responsibility of the test taker to acquire a physical whiteboard prior to the exam. An example of a whiteboard can be found below.

The items listed below are prohibited:

  • Whiteboards with grids or additional markings
  • Whiteboards with colored backgrounds
  • Paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Permanent Marker
  • Paper within a transparent sleeve
  • Chalkboards

Food, Drink, and Breaks are Not Permitted

  • ABCC does not permit food, drinks, resting breaks, or bathroom breaks during the exam. Please plan your testing period accordingly and contact ABCC administrators if you have any questions or concerns.


PRIOR to the Exam

  • ABCC general support. Contact ABCC administrators by email prior to the exam with questions regarding preparation, registration, exam accommodations, and/or exam date and time questions. ABCCAdministrator@myadlm.org
  • Kryterion “Need help?” technical support. The Kryterion 24-7 online technical support features a LIVE CHAT and EMAIL option for technical issues regarding biometrics setup, software installation, and hardware verification. https://kryterion.my.site.com/support

DURING the Exam

  • Kryterion “Need help?” technical support. In the event that the exam disconnects and/or you are unable to connect with the online proctor, the Kryterion 24-7 online technical support features a LIVE CHAT option. https://kryterion.my.site.com/support
  • Online Proctor Live Chat. Test takers will also have the option to live chat with the online proctor if there are technical issues regarding responsiveness of the exam software, issues with the exam platform, or other technical issues.


Exam rescheduling and cancelations must be made at least 5 business days prior to the exam.

  • Contact ABCC to reschedule. ABCC will make every effort to accommodate test taker schedules. However, exam times are based on online proctor availability and can only be made within the day that the exam is available.
  • No-shows result in lost exam fee. Test takers that do not attend a scheduled exam may lose their exam fee. However, the exam will not count as a failed attempt.